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The Safer Institute is a leading nonprofit provider of technology-based response tools for State, Local and Non-Government agencies, which combines the latest advances in volunteer and identity management, public health, public safety, and emergency preparedness, response and recovery with experienced and dedicated subject matter experts.
Our staff has experienced the challenges faced by the public health and public safety community, and our goal is to use technology to help conquer the issues they face. According to the CDC, during the H1N1 flu pandemic of 2009, the utilization of Safer Institute's volunteer management and incident response technology by Rhode Island's emergency response partners helped Rhode Island achieve an 87.4% rate; the highest child vaccination percentage in the nation… What will we do for you?

Our systems support the credentialing, deployment and tracking of more than 7,000 medical volunteers in two states.
Tech Corner

Safer's President and resident Tech Guru, Peter Fucci, uses the Tech Corner to offer his insightful perspective on recent technology developments and latest news that affects the fields of emergency management, public safety and public health. In Tech Corner you'll find Peter's blog, guest blogs and articles from leading industry and first response specialists as well as links to information on best practice.

Community Outreach

Safer Institute is a Mission-Driven organization launched to help make the world a safer place and being a nonprofit dedicated to public service pushes us collectively and individually to engage in philanthropic work, which supports our mission statement. Sometimes this work may lead us to rural communities overseas where we know our technology can make difference. Other times, it means we volunteer our time and resources locally to improve preparedness in our own communities.

Current Programs

Whether it's volunteer management or cyber-security, Safer Institute stays engaged with its partners through its current programs. Under contracts and subcontracts to state government, Safer's technology unpins some highly innovative and impactful programs in Rhode Island and the New England Region.

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