Foundations. Training and Inventory Management module

Tracking attributes and assets

One of the more difficult tasks facing any organization is tracking the ongoing training and continuing education requirements of its team members. Be they paid professionals or dedicated volunteers, chances are that they may be coming to your organization with years of training history. Managing all of this information is a daunting task with data filling multiple filing cabinets or spread across countless spread sheets. Even more challenging is identifying those team members meeting specific training requirements making them eligible for a specific job position or deployment, particularly within Emergency Support Functions and Incident Command Structures. Safer FoundationsTraining simplifies these tasks to a couple of mouse clicks.  
Safer Foundations is intuitive and easy to use whether you are an end user or a system administrator. Features of this module include:

Individual training programs can be added by administrators.  Once a training program is added to the system, class rosters can be built to track attendance by program or by session.  Notifications can be sent out based on the attributes of the target audience so users see program availability on their personal dashboard. 
Training certifications can be attached to user profiles facilitating assignment of individuals based on qualifications as balanced against operational requirements. Building the profile of the ideally qualified candidate is as selecting the necessary criteria is a series of drop down boxes. Polling questions can be added by administrators allowing for further refinement of qualifications. Results management tools include drag and drop functionality.   

Inventory Management

The Safer Foundations – Inventory Management is compliant with National Incident Management System (NIMS) and role/ permission based supporting the applicable positions and operational requirements.
It allows battery charging, maintenance logs, and for requests and assignments by equipment type. Our Inventory system is RFID enabled which allows for real time monitoring.  Using our emergency notification system, users can set up their own alerts as required. Alerts can also be sent to a pre-defined list of users.
Our system is being used to assist state government and NGOs to keep track of valuable equipment and meet stringent audit requirements like those of the Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP).

Active RFID Technology:

Our Active RFID system is a stand-alone system that has been integrated with both our emergency notification system and our health credentialing/emergency event management system.  It will send broadcasts by SMS, voice, and email when an asset goes missing.  It is able to be used in an inventory system as well as in a person tracking system, such as a special needs shelter or an under 18 shelter.

Our system is a drop-in place system.  All that is required is a safe location to mount readers, ethernet connection, and DHCP. The RFID readers are pre-programmed to transmit tag information to a central point.

Our RFID system is a drop-in solution that costs a fraction of what others charge with all the benefits such as inventory management and alerting that would normally have to be purchased separately.

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