Safer Institute’s consulting services build from our information technology solutions for public safety, public health and preparedness, which have been developed to meet the rigorous demands of disaster response and recovery.  Our team of experts works collaboratively with you to analyze your information management requirements, and then customize high-performance-high-reliability systems to satisfy your unique needs – all with a focus on enhancing cyber-security and accountability. 

Everyone who works in the field of public health, public safety and preparedness, from the receptionist to the accounting department to the responders on the scene, employs various information systems. We take these multiple actors into consideration as we design information systems for data management that meet the needs of the on-scene responders as well as the personnel who deploy and support them.  We help our clients design, implement and use information systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the both their core business functions and the multiple operations they often oversee.

We offer expertise through a range of user friendly e-tools and interactions enabling our clients to define and understand technology strategies and utilize processes that offer the ability to leverage core competencies and drive value.  Safer Institute will provide the solutions you need - those that can be implemented without difficulty and produce the change you desire while you focus on your own important missions. 

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