Engage. Personnel operations management module

Where the boots hit the ground.

Once the SAFER Suite system is populated with detailed data on your employees and volunteers the natural progression is managing these resources in the operational environment. Enter Safer Engage an event management powerhouse. Safer Engage allows you to build events and the related missions in advance or on the fly. Time, place, staffing requirements, command and control, mission notes, are all coupled with advanced emergency notification technology. Directed to their individual My Accounts page users can view a mission brief and role based requirements. Fully integrated with Safer Foundations - Training module the user only sees the roles that the system has identified for which they are qualified! A simple mouse click allows them to report availability for specific roles or general functions.

Mission leaders and administrators are equipped with a suite of tools and reports allowing them to track individual team members based on assignment and hours worked. The system is built to support the National Incident Management System Requirements (NIMS) but incident command roles can be customized to meet your agencies specific requirements. A touch enabled mobile version allows you to take the tools to the field where they are needed.

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