In 2007, software engineer, first responder and entrepreneur Peter Fucci collaborated with emergency project manager and humanitarian advocate Christopher Daniel at the RI Department of Health to build an open source personnel and resource management system for the State of Rhode Island’s federally mandated ESAR –VHP Program.  The resulting system called RI Responds was designed with the support of Dr. L. Anthony Cirillo, founder of the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response (CEPR) at the RI Department of Health.

Peter’s view on notification, activation, deployment and tracking of healthcare volunteers and responders was shaped by his experience serving as the RI-1 DMAT Deputy Commander in response to Hurricane Katrina.  The system was further influenced by Christopher’s experiences supporting major humanitarian, public health, and medical missions throughout the world in places such Haiti, Sudan and Pakistan.  The system - designed to get the right personnel to the right place at the right time -would come to be known as the Tool for Resource Exchange (T-Rex).

The system supported the State of Rhode Island through multiple public health and medical emergency response activations, including the H1N1 Influenza pandemic in 2009 where RI had the highest vaccination rate of any state in the nation.

In 2010, Peter, Chris and Dr. Cirillo joined forces with an experienced group of technology, disaster response, medical and public health professionals to launch Safer Institute.  The first year of operations focused on expanding and refining the technology to support a wide array of resource exchange requirements including identity management, a foundational component. 

Since 2011, Safer Institute has been working directly with the Federal Agency for Emergency Management (FEMA) as it implements the Identity Management Rhode Island (IMRI) Program for the State of Rhode Island.  Safer Institute continues to enhance its leading edge software solutions for healthcare, identity and resource management, emergency response, recovery and public safety. 

Safer Institute has been recognized within Rhode Island and nationally for its efforts in volunteer and identity management. Its systems are currently being used by the State of New Hampshire and by numerous NGOs where they are viewed as a model for affordable high efficiency resource management.  Volunteers managed through the T-Rex interface were activated in preparation for and response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 




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