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The team at Safer understands that various manifestations of an individual’s cyber identities are, and will continue to be, established and used at various and increasing levels of trust and assurance.   Important questions regarding identity are addressed millions, if not billions, of times a day.  E-commerce, healthcare, government and financial institutions, among others, must constantly address the question, “is this person who he/she claims to be?”  Institutions of all natures often struggle to determine, “What rights or privileges should be granted to this individual based on what ID, user name / password, or credential they have provided?” 

Our core software product, the Tool for Resource Exchange (T-Rex) supports credentials utilizing a broad range of information storage and delivery technologies ranging from barcodes to smart cards.  The credentials issued to your personnel have the utility to be used for multiple purposes requiring a fully vetted identity

The Safer Smartcard module validates claims to a specific identity, binding that identity to the claimant, and securing the identity for use in an environment requiring various levels of trust by a wide array of relying parties.  The most common biometric identifiers currently used in identity management systems are fingerprint and facial recognition.  With the current Personal Identity Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I) programs, fully supported by Safer, a dual approach in accordance with the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST, 2003) recommendations is used. 

We meet our partners needs while conducting continuous quality assurance and testing. We will assist in the governance and policy surrounding the design and implementation of the system and ensure all members of the user community are trained sufficiently to accomplish their missions. Our goal is to ensure not just a technically sufficient solution, but a process and practice that fully meets our partners’ needs, which we know are often flexible, expandable, and germane to the overall needs of the authorities at all levels. We will work for you, with you, and in anticipation of your future identity management requirements.

While the Smartcard module of the SAFER Suite links to the T-Rex system and may be specifically tailored to your requirements, it is founded on standards and a platform that allow flexibility and interoperability with other standards-based systems from interstate and intrastate mutual assistance partners to the emergency managers who are providing support during federally declared disasters.  Safer Institute has significant experience in identity and resource exchange programs. Currently, a host of state, NGO and municipal agencies utilize systems built, installed and supported by the Safer Institute.

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