Rapid. Flash Pass and Scene Credentialing Module

When timing is everything.

In the event of a rapid onset disaster or public health emergency, coordination of human resources is an immediate challenge.  Often first responders, volunteers and members of private industry need the ability to integrate into the access control paradigm.  Safer’s Rapid module balances the need for rapid issuance of a credential with a minimum set of requirements for a Flash Pass identification card.

These identification cards have been used successfully to assist with deployment of recovery teams to recent disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.  Here, cards are primarily targeted to private contractors using temporary personnel responsible for assessment, clean-up and supplies delivery.  Issuance stations may be deployed to business locations or staging areas and the minimal time per card issued gets your staff to work quickly.

Those responders, volunteers or members of the critical infrastructure key resources who need access to sensitive areas and / or information may wish to step up to a PIV-I Smart Card Credential, which comes with token cross-certified to the federal bridge and which is interoperable with organizations such as the RI Emergency Management Agency and FEMA.


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