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Safer Institute is a Rhode Island-based 501 C3 nonprofit corporation that serves as an innovation center for government, public safety, public health and NGO technology and policy. As a nonprofit corporation without shareholders Safer Institute engages in projects that promote public good and offer innovative cross-cutting solutions to pressing social issues. Safer Institute provides informatics, technology, software engineering, policy development and process improvement, which utilize insightful technology to solve problems and address challenges in the fields of identity management, public health, security and safety. We specialize in bridging the gaps between collaborating organizations creating partnerships and project stakeholders within multiple discourse communities. 

The organization was formed by an experienced group of software, disaster response and public health professionals all with extensive backgrounds in emergency services, healthcare, disaster management, and technology. The corporation has developed and implemented five leading edge software modules for healthcare, identity / resource management emergency response / recovery and public safety known collectively as the Safer Suite - all powered by the open source Tool For Resource Exchange (T-Rex):

In addition to leading edge technology provision, the Safer Institute staff and partners are integrally involved in the development of policy and business process related to identity management systems in compliance with HSPD 12 and FIPS 201.  We have been a leader in Strategic National Stockpile planning at the State and National Level, volunteer health professional management, H1N1 / pandemic preparedness and response, and online marketing for public health.  Our Tool for Resource Exchange known as T-Rex helped track and deploy more than 800 medical volunteers providing real-time situational awareness data to emergency managers. 

Safer Institute serves as a contractor to the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, the Rhode Island Department of Health, the New Hampshire Department of Public Health and numerous NGOs.  Our systems provide our clients with leading edge tools for resource typing, credentialing, training portals registration and certification, e-notification, security assurance, inventory management and personnel deployment and tracking.

Through its partnership with the RI Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Safer Institute has access to a multitude of volunteers, contractors and pre-identified staff with subject matter expertise in pharmacy, logistics, identity management, emergency medicine, and technology.  Safer Institute also provides code writing expertise to the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University and the US Department of Homeland Security in the development of a Backend Attribute Exchange supported by FEMA by providing open source components.  All of our systems are run in redundant rented datacenter spaces with a disaster recovery site in Arizona. Safer Institute has 99.9% uptime including planned maintenance, upgrades, and security patches. 



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