The Tool for Resource Exchange (T-Rex)

Management Information Systems for the 21st Century and beyond

Management Information Systems (MIS) are used to provide decision support information by collecting, updating, and processing data, as well as tracking resources.  They enhance resource status information flow and provide real-time data in a fast-paced environment at multiple geographic and demographic levels providing targeted information to all applicable personnel throughout the organizational construct.  This allows individuals of varying degree of responsibility and span of control to manage different aspects of an operation while simultaneously coordinating their efforts. 

Powered by Safer’s tried and trusted product, the open source Tool for Resource Exchange (T-Rex), our products offer configurable management information systems developed to address the specific needs of our partners and clients in the governmental, nonprofit and critical resource & key infrastructure sectors.  Our configurable core system is delivered as a “Software as Service” (SaS) product which means you do not have to deal with software compatibility or installation issues.  Access to our complete range of tools can be as simple as launching your favorite browser and making sure your custom domain is in your trusted sites list.  T-Rex provides our partners the ability to process the information that is necessary to manage their organization effectively and efficiently.  

T-Rex is equipped with a self-registration feature allowing initial demographic and geographic information profiles to be established by individual members of your organization with additional management tools available to both the information owners and administrators. Certificate based encryption technology is used to protect personally identifiable information and personal data regulated by privacy act of 1974 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  Initial registration by users opens up personalized home pages for the users to view everything from their personal and professional profile to current training offerings to upcoming organizational missions / operations.

Our MIS will support an infinite number of agencies, departments, divisions, and client defined organizational entities to which user records can be associated with, tracked and reported on.  Administrative authority can be granted on levels as granular as individual fields.  Required data elements can be dynamically altered 'on the fly' by administrators.

T-Rex as a standalone product is a superior human resources management tool for any organization.  Instant access to data combined with state of the art security features put you in control of your organization.  But one of the most important features is the on demand ability to expand the within any of the following SAFER Suite modules.

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